firefox and dns security through ssh tunnel

Thanks to tor and a packet sniffer, I was able to conclude that firefox by default leaks its dns requests when using a SOCKS v5 proxy. Therefore, what happens is that even though the rest of the traffic is encrypted, the actual requests for the names are leaked through, and if some knowledgeable administrator looks at the logs, can conclude that we are encrypting our traffic. For instance, a request for would look like this:

the content of this site should be blocked by the http proxy


where this is usually blocked, this file should not have been able to be accessed

To get rid of this disparity, we need to change some settings in firefox. At the url bar type in about:config, after which look for network.proxy.socks_remote_dns and change it from default, which is set to false, to user set which is set to true. In such a way, your dns traffic will be routed through the socks proxy rather than leaked through.


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